2023 Laguna Creek Sports Club SATA Halloween Junior Grand Prix Tournament

1. 2 full sets, match tie-break (first to 10, win by 2) if split sets, no ad scoring. Awards to 1st and 2nd place.

2. Consolation bracket for 1st round losers (minimum of 4 in main draw) . Award to 1st place only.

3. 8 singles will play with green dot balls on a 60 ' court and 10 singles play with green dot balls on a regulation court.

4. Check back to this site to obtain your match times. Notifications will not be sent out.

5. All players must check in at the tournament desk 15 minutes before each match.

6. All players are advised to warmup prior to checking in to play. Warm up courts may not be available to warm up at the club. Players will have 10 minutes to warm up with their opponent.

7. USTA rules will be enforced using the 2023 Friend at Court as a reference.

8. Doubles fee is $15.00 per individual.

9. For further information, contact Tournament Director, Jesse Pangilinan at 916 804-8316

Boys' 10 Singles
Boys' 12 Doubles
Boys' 12 Singles
Boys' 12 Singles- Playoff
Boys' 14 Doubles
Boys' 14 Singles
Boys' 14 Singles- Playoff
Boys' 16 Singles
Boys' 18 Doubles
Boys' 18 Singles
Girls' 12 Singles
Girls' 12 Singles- Playoff
Girls' 14 Doubles
Girls' 14 Singles
Girls' 14 Singles- Playoff
Girls' 16 Singles
Girls' 18 Singles
Girls' 8 Singles

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