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Sacramento Area Tennis Association
Season Schedule
Men's Saturday 50+ Doubles - 7.0/8.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Sep 7 01:00pmSouthGate "B" Men 50+Alley Cats (Millennium)-1-45
Confirmed Sep 7 01:00pmFair Oaks Men 50+SouthGate "A" Men 50+-2-27
Confirmed Sep 7 01:00pmDavis Tennis Club M8.00ACarmichael 2-4-81
Confirmed Sep 7 10:00amGold River RaidersCarmichael Park 1-3-18
Confirmed Sep 14 01:00pmRio Men's 50+Carmichael 2-1-72
Confirmed Sep 14 01:00pmDavis Tennis Club M8.00ASouthGate "B" Men 50+-3-54
Confirmed Sep 14 01:00pmCarmichael Park 1Alley Cats (Millennium)-4-63
Confirmed Sep 14 10:00amGold River RaidersSouthGate "A" Men 50+-2-36
Confirmed Sep 21 01:00pmCarmichael 2Gold River Raiders-4-36
Confirmed Sep 21 9 amSouthGate "B" Men 50+Carmichael Park 1-3-36
Confirmed Sep 28 01:00pmAlley Cats (Millennium)Rio Men's 50+-1-63
Confirmed Sep 28 01:00pmSouthGate "B" Men 50+Fair Oaks Men 50+-2-54
Confirmed Sep 28 01:00pmCarmichael 2SouthGate "A" Men 50+-3-45
Confirmed Sep 28 10:00amGold River RaidersDavis Tennis Club M8.00A-4-45
Confirmed Oct 5 01:00pmCarmichael 2SouthGate "B" Men 50+-2-36
Confirmed Oct 5 01:00pmFair Oaks Men 50+Alley Cats (Millennium)-3-45
Confirmed Oct 5 09:30amRio Men's 50+Carmichael Park 1-17, 18, 19-27
Confirmed Oct 5 10:00amSouthGate "A" Men 50+Davis Tennis Club M8.00A-4-18
Confirmed Oct 12 01:00pmAlley Cats (Millennium)Davis Tennis Club M8.00A-3-45
Confirmed Oct 12 01:00pmCarmichael 2Fair Oaks Men 50+-4-72
Confirmed Oct 12 01:00pmRio Men's 50+Gold River Raiders-6, 7, 8-45
Confirmed Oct 12 09:00amSouthGate "A" Men 50+Carmichael Park 1-2-27
Confirmed Oct 19 01:00pmSouthGate "A" Men 50+SouthGate "B" Men 50+-1-63
Confirmed Oct 19 01:00pmDavis Tennis Club M8.00ARio Men's 50+-3-54
Confirmed Oct 19 01:00pmAlley Cats (Millennium)Gold River Raiders-4-90
Confirmed Oct 19 9:30 a.m.Carmichael Park 1Fair Oaks Men 50+-2-90
Confirmed Oct 26 01:00pmSouthGate "B" Men 50+Rio Men's 50+-1-81
Confirmed Oct 26 01:00pmAlley Cats (Millennium)Carmichael 2-2-81
Confirmed Oct 26 01:00pmFair Oaks Men 50+Gold River Raiders-4-18
Confirmed Oct 26 12:30Carmichael Park 1Davis Tennis Club M8.00A-3-45
Confirmed Nov 2 01:00pmFair Oaks Men 50+Rio Men's 50+-1-63
Confirmed Nov 2 01:00pmSouthGate "A" Men 50+Alley Cats (Millennium)-3-27
Confirmed Nov 2 01:00pmCarmichael Park 1Carmichael 2-4-90
Confirmed Nov 2 10:00amGold River RaidersSouthGate "B" Men 50+-2-63
Confirmed Nov 9 01:00pmRio Men's 50+SouthGate "A" Men 50+-1-45
Confirmed Nov 9 01:00pmDavis Tennis Club M8.00AFair Oaks Men 50+-2-90
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