• Fill this form out if you are (A) New to the database (B) Your rating is over 2 years old and is no longer valid.
  • This form should be filled out by the player who is requesting to be added to the SATA database or is requesting a rating change.
  • Choose the rating that best reflects your playing ability:
    • 2.5 A player who is new to the game of tennis and has not played competitively and needs on court experience.
    • 3.0 A player who has played tennis recreationally for a period of time, has some match experience and is fairly consistent hitting medium paced shots.
    • 3.5 A player who has match experience. Has achieved stroke dependancy. Uses lobs, overheads and can volley.
    • 4.0 A player with dependable strokes, directional control, can alter depth of forehand and backhand. Has the ability to use lobs, overheads and volleys with success.
  • All players new to the SATA database who have a USTA rating must rate at that level.
First Name:
Last Name:
Gender: Male Female
Club Affiliation:
Date of Birth: Month and Year only.
(A) Fill out this portion if you are NOT in the SATA database:
USTA Rating:
Request SATA Singles rating:
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(B) Fill out this portion if your rating has expired (2 years or older). If you have a current USTA rating you must rerate at that level.:
USTA Rating:
Existing SATA Singles rating:
Existing SATA Doubles rating:
Request SATA Singles rating:
Request SATA Doubles rating:

  • For questions regarding completion of this form, call Chris Modin at 916-933-0175.
  • Self-rates take up to five days to process and can occur quickly if ALL requested information is provided.
  • As soon as self-rates are processed, players are notified via email or telephone that they have been added to the TopDog database and can be placed on rosters.